Best Fish Tank for Piranha

Piranha are members of the Serrasalminae a sub-family of Characins. Characins is a group of fish, primarily from South America and Africa, that is best known as the Tetras. The Serrasalminae sub-family of Tetras contains the Piranha and their close cousin, the Pacu. These fish are from South America and have many similarities in both appearance and behavior. They vary in sizes from large ones grow up to 12 inches in size while the small ones reach around 4 inches in size. Piranha generally live for four to fifteen years, depending on the species and quality of care given (larger varieties tend to live longer). Piranhas have an undeserved bad reputation but they are unlikely to attack a large animals like a human, unless they feel threatened, trapped, or are starving. An interesting fact about the piranha is that some species live only on plants. It should be noted that owning, selling or harboring Piranha is illegal in some areas. Make sure that the laws in your area permits people to keep piranha before owning one. 

Piranha is omnivorous which means it eats both plants and animals, so provide him with a varied diet. Piranha in the wild primarily feed on the fins and scales of other large fish. They seasonally feed on plants and when the opportunity arises they feed on animal carcass.  To feed your piranha, make sure to buy fish food designed specifically for piranha.

To provide the best fish tank for a piranha, you will need plenty of clean, warm water of around 28 degree centigrade to be comfortable in its tank. there fore a thermometer is needed to keep the water in the fish tank at a stable temperature but care should be taken not to overheat your piranha because high body temperature result in Oxygen deprivation, which can cause nerve damage, heart damage, and can seriously hamper the immune system. Keeping them too cool or exposing them to sudden chill can also hamper their immune system.

Keep your Piranha in a fish tank of at least 2 gallons capacity per inch of mature fish length  this provides sufficient space for your Piranha so he can remain healthy.  Because Piranha are very messy fish, regular maintenance of the aquarium is necessary.

keep the water from becoming toxic, Your Piranha needs good filtration to keep the water from becoming toxic, keep the filter(s) well maintained buy filters with the capacity to handle the water volume of your fish tank.


Feed your Piranha once a day. Feeding them more than once a day increases the waste your fish are produce and also increases the risk of overfeeding. Providing a proper diet increases your Piranha’s life expectancy and boost their immune system.

Piranhas love to hide and remain in seclusion from time to time. provide hiding places in your fish tank to make the piranha comfortable.